The 5th Project of DOOM

* 08.10.2003: Work is going well on the new jDoom installation. I'm hoping to get a Dark Bishop model into this release.

* 07.24.2003: Site redesign complete.

* 07.22.2003: The 5th Project is now hosted on the TACKtech Corp. Servers. Space is being provided by CFMonster Corp. Please, give me a little time to adjust and update the site. You can also expect some nicer installation packages for jDoom.

* 07.19.2003: After some words with William at NewDoom it was decided that we part ways. I have all of my data so it's just a matter of putting the site up elsewhere.

* 04.30.2003: I've been working more on The 6th Project of Doom DM Levels. Thanks to everyone for helping test these levels. You can check them out at the bottom of the download page.

* 12.01.2002: I'm not dead. If you want to contact me you will need to use my online form (link on the left). Having my E-mail address published on this site has opened me up to email harvesters.

For those of you who are really new to Doom and want to know how to install it:
- Installing Doom from 3.5" diskettes
- Installing The Ultimate Doom for DOS from CD
- Installing Doom II for DOS from CD

- Patch Doom(Registered) to v1.9
- Patch Doom(Shareware) to v1.9

- Fix for sound in some ID Games (by: Martin Kiewitz)

Also, I have updated the cheats section to include some for the Doom III Alpha floating about on the Internet.

The Story

After the whole Doom Saga, you decided to retire, yet again. You moved to a habitable planet far from earth and settled down. As the years passed, you slowly forgot the horrors caused by UAC's want for inter-dimensional space travel.

The human race certainly had been graced by your presents. You kicked some monsters' butts on Phobos (Doom 1), cleared up earth's little problem (Doom II), and let's not forget Jupiter (Final Doom). Thanks a lot UAC!

The second formation of UAC didn't make your life any easier, with their stupid Quantum Accelerator. Hard to believe that you're even a member of the human race. You have kept Homo Sapiens from becoming extinct. How many gateways does a man have to close?

Now, you relax while sitting on your porch and polishing your shotgun. Believe it or not, you actually got married to the woman of your dreams. Okay, she wasn't a scientist or an employee of UAC. Heck, you even have a son.

Yes, life is good, until you wake up in the morning. You see the dimension you had defended isn't the only one that was experimenting with gateways. The truth is others were doing it and they liked what they found. That right, they're Dirty-Demon-Lovers. In fact, these DDL's were so fond of the evil masterminds that they sought out more. And guess who just discovered your quaint little planet.


Level NameUpdatedStatus
E1M1 - Sweet Home?[12.30.2001]100%
E1M2 - Gateway Limbo[12.31.2001]100%
E1M3 - Familiar Ground?[12.02.2001]100%
E1M4 - Evil Maker[12.02.2001]100%
E1M5 - Bridge Between[12.02.2001]100%
E1M6 - Fissures[12.12.2001]100%
E1M7 - Rights of Passage[12.29.2001]100%
E1M8 - Bowels of Hell[12.29.2001]100%
E1M9 - Arcade (Secret Level)[12.02.2001]100%