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Home Town Woodhaven, Michigan (south of Detroit)
Hobbies Programming, Ceramics, Drawing, Digital Art,
creating web sites, designing Doom levels, and playing Doom.
Interests Camping, travel, music, cars, and art
Favorite Foods Italian, Mexican, Chinese
My Car 2012 Chevrolet Impala / Previous Car History
My Stereo Nakamichi, Pioneer, Cerwin-Vega!
Job Titles Marketing Operations Manager (current)
Web Designer/Developer
Computer Technician

A+ Certified Service Technician
Pet History Current
Lila (cat, female) Adopted 2022-12-15
Tula (cat, female) Adopted 2022-07-19
Data (cat, female) Adopted 2021-06-05
Gigi (dog, female) Adopted 2021-05-01
Gabi (cat, female) Adopted 2019-10-05
Lili (cat, female) Adopted 2019-10-05
Nala (cat, female) Adopted 2017-12-13
Merlin (cat, male) Adopted 2017-11-11
Kiki (cat, female) Adopted 2015-06-27

Orca (dog, female) —2021-04-22
Cody (cat, male)
Buddy (dog, male)
KC. (cat, male) —2002-05-22
Muffin (dog, female)
pi r 2 (fish)
2 pi r (fish)
pie r round (fish)
pi (fish)
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Quotes Decisions become much easier, when there is only one choice.

It’s called a DIE YET because you feel like you’re gonna.

Screw the Dead. Eat the Living!

Italians have Pasta. Germans have Beer. Americans have Fat!

If it really was Fast Food, we’d all be a lot slimmer.
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