The 5th Project of DOOM

Doom News Sites
Site Description Updated
Doomworld Source for Doom news, information, & development -
New Doom Your resource for anything and everything to do with The New DOOM -
Raven-Games The HUB of Raven Software's Gaming Community -
Doom Engines
Site Description Updated
EDGE Enhanced Doom GamingEngine v1.27 03.20.2002
jDoom win32 version of id Software's legendary Doom v1.7.11 07.19.2003
Cheb's Models for jDoom Model Packs for jDoom -
Kokak's Doom Page DoomGL & ZDoomGL v0.74 05.20.2003
OpenGL Doom Legacy GLLegacy v1.29 PR7 05.20.2000
Doom Legacy Legacy v1.40 Beta3 for DOS/9X/NT/Linux 09.21.2002
TeamTNT Homepage Makers of BOOM & DOOM2000 02.15.2003
VAVOOM DOOM/Heretic/Hexen based port - v1.15 04.20.2003
ZDoom ZDoom 2.0.47 07.22.2003
id Software The geniuses behind Doom -
Doom Editing
Site Description Updated
DeuTex Version 4.4.0 available 01.05.2000
Babtech DMapEdit v4.3 is available with ZDOOM support 03.04.2002
Doom Miscellaneous
Site Description Updated
The Doom Wiki Wiki about Doom -
Doom 2 Textures Doom II Retexturing Project 06.23.2003
Doom Wad Station - -
Eternal DOOM III By Team Eternal & Team TNT -
Kniggit's House of MIDI Goodness - -
Stimpee's JDoom Resource Currently AXED by NEWDOOM -
TeleFragged - -
The Page of Doom Get some info on history of Doom 07.20.2003
Transformer Doom TC for Doom -
ZanZan TC The ZanZan is a Total Conversion for ZDOOMGL 08.08.2001
Non-DOOM Sites
Site Description Updated
jHexen Win32 Port of Hexen v1.7.11 07.24.2003
jHeretic Win32 Port of Heretic v1.7.11 07.24.2003
wHeretic Win32 Port of Heretic v0.5a b9 05.27.2000
ViolentEd's Page 1024-768 true color -