The 5th Project of DOOM
The Music

Music produced by Metabolist

Title: "Titlescreen Tune", 0'05"
Inter: "Intermission", 1'00"
Story: "Storyline Loop", 0'08"

E1M1: "Overture to Slaughter", 1'04"
E1M2: "The Vision", 4'43"
E1M3: "Carnage Rock", 4'04"
E1M4: "Insanity Reprise", 6'54"
E1M5: "Background Noise", 3'29"
E1M6: "Hell's Core (TIncident 01)" 4'06" from E3M7
           (originally going to be E1M6: "Rings of Fire", 5'38")
E1M7: "Alliterate!", 4'01"
E1M8: "Mielessäni", 7'56"
E1M9: "English Scheme", 1'12"

E2M1: "'Male Slags' theme", 3'52"
E2M2: "Olim", 4'04"
E2M3: "'Rowche Rumble' theme", 4'30"
E2M4: "'In My Area' theme", 5'46"
E2M5: "Non-Necessities", 11'37"
E2M6: "Noir in C#", 6'29"
E2M7: "Black Smoke", 5'17"
E2M8: "Tower of Babble reprise", 6'21"
E2M9: "Cheap Casio Thrill", 2'28"

E3M1: "Paranoia", 3'30"
E3M2: "Heresy", 3'42"
E3M3: "White Noise", 6'13"
E3M4: "Gloom Castle", 3'03"
           (modified CHARTR from Hexen)
E3M5: "Pools of Memory (alt. ed.)" 6'43"
E3M6: "Obsequious Seriality", 10'48"
E3M7: "Hell's Core (TIncident 01)" 4'06"
E3M8: "Impression of J. Temperance" 3'14"
E3M9: "Celebes Reprise" 2'13"

Post-Game E3 sequence:
"the last minute or so from "The Perfect Drug'", 1'19"

TOTAL PLAYING TIME: 2 hours 15 minutes 26 seconds