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2012 Chevrolet Impala
Ashen Gray Metallic, Four Door
2007 Ford Taurus
Silver, Four Door
2000 Chevrolet Impala
Maroon, Four Door, 3.8 Liter V6
Dodge Stratus 1998 Dodge Status ES
White, Four Door, 2.5Liter V6

Exterior Dimensions
Height: 54.1″
Length: 186.0″
Width: 71.0″
Wheelbase: 108″
Front/Rear: Track 60.2″

Aerodynamic twin-post exterior mirrors direct airflow to reroute rain for improved side window visibility in heavy weather. A steeply-raked windshield sweeps upward at a 63-degree angle. It vastly broadens your view even while it lets Stratus slice through wind resistance, keep down fuel costs and keep a tight grip on the road. AutoStick®.
1997 Pontiac Grand Am SE
Green, Four Door, 3.1Liter V6
Suferred 2 Oil Leaks
Died: 1999/03/10 8:20am 35,000
Cause:Too close of an encounter w/ large Ryder Truck
1987 Pontiac 6000
Maroon, 4 door, 2.2 L Four
Died: 1997/--/-- 187,000
Cause: Old age. Put to rest
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