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Notice: I did not write any of this to intentionally offend you. This stuff was written at many points of my life. Some of it is based on thoughts. Other are based on events. Some are based on nothing at all.

Walking though a world of gray,
The sun doesn’t shine any hour.
Nothing’s new. Nothing’s blue.
But I have a flower.

Black pours from industry stacks.
Signs of consumption of what we had fed.
It all seemed a great idea then.
Everyone I’ve met before is dead.

I have pity for the world.
All around it, death’s tower.
Seems as if we all have lost.
But I still have a flower.

You Should Know

Shadow, shadow ‘hind my door
which is better rich or poor?
“Why poor of course” the shadow say
“else silver, when you die, you’ll pay.”

Money, money what is it?
“Worthless trash that people get.”
What’ll they do for it? “Our Lord knows what.
Our fellow man with knives they’ll cut.”

“All your money give away.
Learn to live a better way.”

In the beginning,
my mind was a blank
not knowing my feelings
or what to partake.

As time passed,
my love for you grown
so I put up a wall,
kept feelings unknown.

Fearing to tell you
what I wish of we
because I worried
you’d persecute me.

For feelings that were,
cannot be but, was
the reason to which
I just say “because”

tossing and turning,
i cannot sleep
with the person beside me
so out of reach

lying beside to her,
i used to feel secure
now, the feeling is
i’m not so sure

what is she thinking?
i often wonder
what has happened
to me? to her?

for this distance,
who is to blame?
i can’t help question
will it ever be the same?

where has the love gone?
the deep emotions?
now, it seems we’re
just going though motions

how i wish we could
right what is wrong
so we could get back to
the way we belong
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